2012 Cases from the F-Files

Cases from the F-Files, 2012

KTA-Tator, Inc. gratefully acknowledges Technology Publishing for their permission to post these articles written for and previously published in the Journal of  Protective Coatings and Linings. You will be asked to login to access the article.

The ethics of coatings failure investigations” – “The Case of… Three (Consultants),” a two-part F-Files column published in the November and December 2010 issues of JPCL, described observations and conclusions reached by three different consultants, each looking at the same bridge coating system. The article pointed out that clients sometimes retain consultants to perform very specific and limited examinations of the alleged failing coatings. Clients may also request reports that address specific issues, questions, or requirements.

This article describes a set of circumstances that forces us further down the path, where a difference of opinion exists “before the sun sets.” Sometimes the differences of opinion are legitimate and arise from alternative but reasonable interpretations of data and available information—other times, not so much.
Raymond S. Tombaugh, Senior Coatings Consultant

The case of…too many choices” – This is the story of a steel bridge in the northeastern U.S., but it could be true of a bridge anywhere in the U.S. The structure, although nearly 50 years old, was sturdy and still within its design life. The State Department of Transportation (DOT) District maintenance engineers, during review and planning, determined there was no need to consider demolition and replacement of the bridge. However, it was determined that a deck overlay replacement should be part of the bridge deck maintenance program. The DOT wanted to address the paint
system as part of the same contract letting.
Eric S. Kline, Executive Vice President and Senior Coatings Consultant