Quality Management Programs

Quality Management (QM) is focused not only on the desired quality of a product or service, but also the means to achieve it. QM involves the ability to consistently provide a product or service meeting specified requirements, the ability to enhance client satisfaction through effective program implementation, and the dedication to continual process improvement.

QM processes can be to applied to complete organizations or unique elements of larger systems, addressing the needs of individual business units, production processes or management practices. At KTA, we have successfully applied the underlying components of quality management (quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement) to a broad range of issues. For example, no single issue created more of a challenge in the industrial maintenance painting industry in the 1990s than the recognition of, and subsequent regulation of, lead hazards during surface preparation on steel structures. KTA’s response was to combine its expertise in coatings and environmental health with its knowledge in quality management practices in the development of a process to systematically address an entire industry’s concerns. This body of work was eventually published by the SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings as the seminal text “Project Design: Industrial Lead Paint Removal Handbook – Volume II,” authored by two of KTA’s principals. Project Design is in essence, a quality management program.

In most instances, KTA’s clients have all of the technical knowledge and expertise to address recognized challenges. KTA assists clients in extracting and immortalizing the institutional knowledge into written programs. More importantly, KTA applies its strengths in quality management to codify client knowledge as an effective on-going process. While labeled differently, the common feature of every deliverable is the recognition that it represents a part of a quality management program.

KTA has demonstrated such services on the following representative projects:

Faciltites Waste Management Program Development of a National Standard Design and  Management of Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation