On-site QA/QC Services

Quality Control (QC) can be characterized to encompass systematic in-process inspections, analysis and other activities performed to ensure adequate quality of a product or service. QC processes are employed in every industry and market, from engineering and design services, to fabrication and field construction, as well as the more traditionally recognized manufacturing sector. In practical terms, Quality Assurance (QA) encompasses the review, monitoring and evaluation processes necessary to ensure that the QC processes are properly employed and achieving the desired outcome.

QC and QA processes are frequent components of internal quality management systems employed by companies in manufacturing, service and construction sectors. However, companies occasionally look to external sources to complement internal QC capabilities or augment QC staff during periods of peak demand. Clients procuring products or services, and owners of facilities being constructed or maintained, may retain QA services on their behalf, to verify that the product or service conforms to the requirements of their specification. Whether it is a supplier of a product or service, or the customer acquiring goods or services, there is frequently the need for independent QA/QC services.

Independent QA/QC services have been a cornerstone of KTA since its inception in 1949. In the 1960s, KTA created the first of its kind independent coatings inspection service for industrial maintenance painting. KTA has successfully transferred the body of knowledge gained in the industrial painting sector to other core services (e.g., steel and concrete fabrication) and markets (e.g., commercial buildings). In addition, KTA is capable of applying its demonstrated knowledge in the fundamental principles of QA/QC to nearly every product or service, industry or market.

KTA has demonstrated such services on the following representative projects:

QA of Material Suppliers QA During Disaster Clean-up