KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA)  was founded in 1949 to provide an independent, unbiased assessment of the quality and performance of protective coatings used in corrosive environments. In the early 1960s, KTA created the first of its kind, independent quality assurance (QA) service dedicated to the field inspection of surface preparation and coatings application. Coatings consultants pioneered the art and science of coating failure investigations, and KTA’s complementary forensic laboratory quickly became the benchmark for the industry. To better service clients, KTA developed project management capabilities in order to systematically provide contract administration services on large rehabilitation projects. Environmental, health and safety services were developed, initially to respond to concerns over lead paint, but now encompass the broad spectrum of workplace safety concerns. In the late 1990s, KTA began applying its body of knowledge and expertise in independent QA inspection to steel and concrete fabrication and erection.

The “Service” pages referenced on this site represent the palette of services available from KTA. Each link provides an overview of the respective area of practice, together with links to detailed information on specific services. Perhaps most importantly, the qualifications of KTA professionals are proudly displayed, as the people of KTA are truly the greatest asset and most important resource for our clients. We invite you to explore all that KTA offers (listed on the left), recognizing that the core competencies described can be readily customized to meet client-specific needs.