What our employees have to say about working at KTA

Tracey Melograne“I have been with KTA for 13 years now and can say, with assurance, that it has been my most rewarding and enjoyable work experience. It is a privilege to be a part of the Accounting Team and an honor to be able to work for such a high caliber company.

KTA provides an environment which enables, and encourages, professional growth and development while fostering teamwork and embracing personal goals and accomplishments of its employees.

What I would say to any prospective employee is that you will work hard, learn much and encounter wonderful people throughout your KTA experience. The opportunities are endless and the warm, friendly, family-oriented environment is in abundance.”

Tracey Melograne, Accounts Payable/Payroll Manager

Fred Lewis“I’ve been working with KTA-Tator, Inc. for about 2 years now and, by far, it’s the best job that I’ve ever had. I served in the military as an engineer, was state employed, and even held a position as a project manager for a small commercial waterproofing company. Although I enjoyed those opportunities, respectfully, KTA-Tator, Inc. offers a wider range of engineering opportunities for its employees along with the option to travel. Within the 2 years, I’ve worked in Illinois, Florida and currently Michigan. KTA takes great pride in training its inspectors. I’m both NACE and SSPC trained and certified. I plan to be with KTA-Tator, Inc. for the duration of my working career.”

Fred Lewis, Coatings Inspector

Valerie Sherbondy“KTA is an evolving support system for the coatings industry. Over the years that I have worked for KTA, we have expanded our knowledge and services in the industry as the materials have advanced technically. Upper management has provided support and education to all employees to make sure we can serve our clients effectively. It is great to work for a company that is forward thinking, yet provides a great, supportive family atmosphere.”

Valerie Sherbondy, Senior Chemist

Greg Richards“KTA-Tator is a company that truly cares for and about its employees. In my 12 years they have been extremely helpful in allowing me to develop professionally and personally. KTA allows employees to develop their own path. The main culture throughout KTA is caring about the future for all employees. It has been a pleasure and still is to be employed by a company that provides ideas, training, benefits, and a true sense of family.”

Greg Richards, Coatings Consultant/Project Management Specialist

Bill Butterini“I have been with KTA for around 27 years … I’m from the old school, where good work ethic is expected and recognized – and that’s what I see here. I have learned a lot by working at KTA, out in the field and in the office. I enjoy solving problems with the contractors and our clients.”

Bill Butterini, Coatings Inspector

Kim Reece“Hello. My name is Kim Reece. I have been a steel inspector with KTA for 5.5 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for KTA because the corporate office staff support those of us who are in different states doing inspection. When I have called the office to request a specification or a piece of equipment, I know the requested item would be here the next day. It is this kind of support along with the feeling of family that makes KTA an outstanding company to work for.”

Kim Reece, Steel Inspector