About Us

KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) was founded in 1949 by Kenneth Tator to address the need for independent, unbiased assessments of the quality and performance of protective coatings used in corrosive environments. Dedication to innovation and leadership has been a hallmark of the company throughout its history. This dedication to innovation, which is imbedded in the very fabric of the company, has led to the development of many pioneering services. It has also led to great diversification, as the talents, skills and capabilities applied in one industry are transferred to other industries and parallel fields of practice. Throughout this journey, two of our core values have remained staunchly in place. KTA regards quality and integrity to be essential prerequisites for all that we undertake. Quality and Integrity since 1949 is not a marketing slogan to us. It represents a moral commitment that is shared by the people who make KTA a first-in-class company – a company of choice.

Our view of quality and integrity is two directional. Internally, we have committed vast resources to developing and maintaining a quality management system to drive us to achieve our lofty goals and exceed our clients’ expectations. We also invest heavily in education and training to become the technical leaders in every service we provide. Externally, our diverse service offerings derive from a core competency in quality management as well as our technical expertise.  Similarly, we demand integrity from each other when working together to strengthen internal company processes as well as resolving our clients’ problems.

Please share in the journey from our humble roots in the basement of Mr. Tator’s home to today’s position as a respected industry leader in the asset protection business, by clicking on any of the links below.:


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